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บ้านข่าวGlobal Chip War: Why Is The Chip So Important?

Global Chip War: Why Is The Chip So Important?


From smartphones to computers, to cars, even warships, planes, drones, and even satellites, missiles and nuclear weapons, tiny chips have run through all aspects of human society.The controller of the chip will have pivotal power.

At present, the world is caught in a fierce chip war. This not only involves the computer field, but also joins all countries. The main competitors include the United States, the European Union and China.

Computer chips are the engine of the digital economy. Their growing capabilities have promoted the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies. It is expected to change the pattern of multiple industries.When the new crown epidemic has disrupted the production of Asian chips and causing the global technology supply chain to be chaotic, the key role of the chip is undoubted.Therefore, it is not surprising that these tiny devices have become the fierce competition between the world's superpowers.

Why is the chip so important?

Chip is necessary for processing and understanding massive data. These data have become economic life pulses, and competition with oil is regardless of whether it is different.

The chip is made of materials deposited on a silicon disk, that is, semiconductor or integrated circuit, which can perform a variety of functions.The chip of storage data is relatively simple and trades like products.The logical chip is more complicated and expensive, they run the program and act as the brain of the device.

For giant companies such as Google and Microsoft, visiting NVIDIA's H100 artificial intelligence accelerator and other components are closely related to national security because they are competing to establish giant data centers and compete for data control.And even daily equipment, it is more and more dependent on chips.

In a car such as a car full of gadgets, each pressing button needs a simple chip to convert the touch into electronic signals.All battery power supply equipment requires chips to convey and adjust current.

What is the battle for chip manufacturing?

Although most leading semiconductor technology originated in the United States, Taiwan and South Korea now dominate the chip manufacturing field.

As the largest electronic component market, China is eager to produce more self -use chips, which makes the industry the focus of Washington's attention because it tries to limit the rise of its Asian competitors and solve the so -called national security issues.

The United States is implementing export control and import tariffs to curb China's chip ambitions and reduce the danger dependence on minority factories in East Asia.Other countries such as Germany, Spain, India and Japan have also followed suit.

Who controls the supply?

The instability and exclusion of the chip manufacturing industry make the threshold for entering this field extremely high.The construction cost of new factories is as high as tens of billions of dollars, and it takes several years to complete it. In order to achieve profitability, these factories must maintain all -weather operations.Due to this huge scale and capital demand, only a few companies have enough technical and resources to enter this field.

In the downstream of the chip manufacturing industry, there is a huge industry that specializes in simulation chips.Texas Instrument (Companies such as TI), STMicroelectronics NV are the leading manufacturers in this field. Their products play an important role in regulating smartphone power, controlling temperature, and transforming sounds into electrical pulses.However, because many machines needed to create more cutting -edge components, China is focusing on this field, and invested a lot of funds to increase production and compete for market share.With the continuous growth of the Chinese market, its position in the global chip manufacturing industry has become increasingly prominent.

What is the progress of chip war?

The current situation is becoming more and more tense, and the United States and the European Union are worried about China's increasingly superb high -tech product manufacturing capabilities.They are unwilling to rely too much on chips, because if China has mastered the chip industry, it will become too strong.To this end, the United States and the European Union promise to invest in their own country$ 81 billion for chip production.

However, this is just a small part of global support for chip development and production.Countries around the world are paying attention to whether they can ensure the chips they need, so$ 380 billion in funds will be used to ensure the sufficient output of the chip.

A few years ago, the United States launched a global chip to block war, trying to prevent China from getting the most advanced technology.China did not sit still, but invested a lot of funds to break through the bottleneck in the chip field.This global chip battle is far from over, and it may take several years to win the victory.No matter who wins in the end, it will have a profound impact on the world economy and technology.

In the global chip war, the United States, the European Union and China are three major competitors, and they each have different goals and strategies.

The United States was good at chip manufacturing, but now they want to go to the next level and no longer rely on other countries, especially Asian countries.In 2022, the United States passed the "Chip and Science Act" and will provide $ 52.7 billion in funds to chip manufacturers in the next five years to support factories and expand business in the United States.This measure includes directly allocated $ 39 billion in companies such as Intel, TSMC and Samsung, and provided tax reduction and preferential loans.The United States also tries to slow down China's development speed in the chip field by restricting China's acquisition of advanced chip technology and tools.

The European Union is also aware of the importance of chips, so they are trying to increase their chip output.They have promised to be in EuropeThe chip bill provides 43 billion euros ($ 46.3 billion).The European Union hopes to convince large chip manufacturers to establish factories in Europe and support European local companies to increase chip production.Although the European Union has promised to provide funds to Intel and TSMC in Germany, these projects are still waiting for the final approval.The European Union hopes to produce 20%of the global chips by 2030, so that Europe will no longer need to rely on chips in other countries.

After experiencing chip surrounding the war, China felt the pressure from the United States and its allies.Due to the restriction of obtaining advanced chip technology, China has invested a lot of funds to develop its own chip industry.China hopes to be able to produce all the chips required by itself, and will no longer be subject to others.

At present, China is building a new factory, supporting local chip companies, and increasing investment in advanced chip development.China also uses a huge domestic market and its strong production capacity in low -end chip manufacturing to lock the main battlefield of global chip wars in the field of high -end chips, and increase its competitiveness in the field of low -end chip products.

Although South Korea still has certain advantages in high -end chips, China's progress has attracted worldwide attention.Regardless of the final result, the global chip war will have a profound impact on technology and economy.

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